Watkins-owned companies are always on the lookout for exceptional people who are passionate about their work and who insist on quality. We are an agile and adaptive collection of small companies, retaining the useful aspects of the corporate world, while avoiding its ineffectiveness. We want to have fun solving real-world problems and are interested only in thinkers, creators and doers. We value initiative-taking, breadth and focused expertise, seeking one person who jumps seven feet over seven people who jump a foot. The value of a clear-thinking person is immeasurable.

PHILOSOPHY: We desire to work with experienced scientists and engineers who understand craftsmanship. We need people with hands-on technical experience who know the ins and outs of hardware, as well as people with high-level algorithmic skills and extensive math backgrounds to design complex systems; ideally we seek people who possess both. We need programmers who do not work in a vacuum and who develop code sensitive to other project programmer needs. We want only those who know that extra care in design and coding will produce products with greater reliability, control, performance and extensibility, guaranteeing more predictable costs and timeframes. We want people who understand that experimentation code is not production code; buggy code, quick-hack fixes, and off-the-cuff answers are viewed as costly to us and our clients. We need software engineers with Linux experience and familiarity with Windows programming. Most of our projects are developed in C, some in C++, using Microsoft Visual C++ on the PC. Assembly language programming experience, particularly involving hardware control, is desired but not essential.

All of us can explain complex technical and business topics to anyone, regardless of their background. While some topics require foundations in which to work or create, most anyone "off the street" can understand the basics of science and logic and business, if expressed by those who have a real passion for the topics. We seek to communicate real understanding, in contrast to the typical "I'm smarter than you, because I know this or that" attitude we see in portions of academia; the arrogant of academia typically lack any real useful-to-the-world experience. Our books and publications are meant to share knowledge and ideas and spark thought; they have many citations (academic references to our works in others' publications), given we make complex topics accessible to everyone. We want to inspire those to go to the great schools like MIT, and to want to learn. Learning is done through one's lifetime ... not just in some university setting. Confidence and self esteem are essential to creation ... arrogance and stress inhibit learning and problem solving. Sure, business is commerce, making money, wielding influence and competitive, but it is really about people, communications, and competing with one's self to solve problems which create products that produce value for others (for compensation). Often individuals here have great thoughts and inventions. They build prototypes which prove the concept. Then those ideas are carried forth into products by teams of people who all do their parts. We are here to learn and to teach - not to prove we are more worthy, simply because we know or understand something.

CUSTOMERS: We seek people who understand the importance of long-lasting customer relationships, who can form strategic business alliances for distribution of our products and inventions at any stage of development. We need people who can uncover market needs and niches in areas we may not have explored and who can secure key funding and distribution. We have served as the Research and Development "think tank" and "skunk works" for many companies around the world. We save them the high cost of maintaining a full-time in-house R&D facility. Also, we have assumed many distressed projects and brought them to stability.

PROFESSIONALISM: People with a sense of professionalism will help us maintain old and realize new business alliances and enhance our continued service. Professionalism to us means 1) do everything to deliver what you say you will, 2) always be truthful (people can work with the reality of facts), and 3) be respectful of all team members and clients. Getting the job done is one part of the equation. Knowing you share a similar deeply-rooted value system with team members is the other.

SCHOOL: Though we all have university degrees, we consider real-world experience and creative problem-solving skills by far more valuable. We seek clear-thinking people who have deep theoretical knowledge of fields, and strong intuitive skills in mathematics and physics, whether by schooling or experience. The processes of invention and problem solving cannot be falsely constrained, but when it comes time to actually realize something with that knowledge and creative thought - the person must be able to convert theory into reality with engineering precision - implying within the realm of rational business. If starting out with experience, but not necessarily professional experience, we prefer people with degrees from top-ten U.S. engineering universities1,2 or U.S. military schooling. We are partial to Georgia Tech3 (rank #5) and MIT4 (rank #1). Degrees of most interest include Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Aerospace, and Computer Engineering (perhaps Computer Science, if accompanied by Mathematics). To date, we have found those with engineering degrees to be by far the best scientific researchers. Developers from the "demo scene" are very welcome, as they typically push existing technology, extracting every bit of capability, in order to create amazing demonstrations.

For those with business-related degrees and MBA's, we often find that MBA programs teach people "ethics" that rationalize stealing, cheating, and lying for the benefit of a company. We do not believe in such approaches. Always telling the truth, always giving credit where it is due (essential in patents), and always compensating those who willingly produce ... that way of thinking about business works for the long haul. There is never a reason to lie.

PARENTING: The role models of Stay-At-Home Mother and Working Father are essential to a child's development. We believe in well-delineated identities for fathers and mothers, and support the stay-at-home mother -- one thing done at a time in life - and done well.

FAMILY: While not religious, we support the proper and traditional definition of marriage and family. We aid in meaningful statistical scientific studies and legislation to support traditional marriange and for employer rights, especially in at-will employment states. Employers must not be coerced as to choice of employee or client. We applaud the National Organization for Marriage5 for their legislative efforts and the Pew Research Center for their factual treatment6.

FAITH: While some team members are of faith or religious, the vast majority of team members are not. Those who are of faith tend to be Christian or Jewish. The majority who are atheistic or agnostic show great respect for those of faith, understanding the clear stabilizing societal value of faith. As scientists, we can neither prove nor disprove topics of faith. Those who believe in the work of mediums, psychics, or any other paranormal activitiy need not apply.

NATION: All of us are socially and fiscally Conservative. Most of us are without Party affiliation, and tend to be Republicans in the true sense, interested in the Rule of Law with the goals of minimal government. We believe in a Constitutional Representative Republic - the United States of America - and strongly believe in Capitalism, as it rewards those who generate the most value for others7. We are very interested in business with the entire world that brings dollars into the U.S. We strongly believe in Freedom of Speech8. It is time for Pew Research Center's quiet majority to speak up and make a stand, if this wonderful country - the U.S.A. - is to stand strong and not erode in its COMMON SENSE, its VALUES, its CONSTITUTION, and its CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY9. The quiet majority is there, given the differences seen in voting records relative to the polls. The election of Donald J. Trump, as our President, confirms such. We want responsible and well-informed voters and a well-armed population in every sense. We are not politically correct - we want Truth.

MISCELLANEOUS: We believe in the concept of "once, always" - a poor choice at one time leaves a permanent historical mark on the world, one's self, or others. If you have ever been involved with illegal narcotics in any capacity, committed any sort of crime, smoked, or drank alcohol to the point of intoxication, then do not apply. We do not purchase products made by companies who substanitally differ from our values and viewpoints, and boycott those companies that squelch rational Conservative voices. We support groups like One Million Moms10, who want to clean up the media. And a read of Alexis de Tocqueville11 would be valuable to anyone who is thoughtful about nation.

Former U.S. intelligence, U.S. and U.K. military, and U.S. veterans are always absolutely welcome.

If you are a U.S., Australian, or Western-European natural-born Citizen and interested in applying to any of the Watkins Companies, please send us your biography, resume or curriculum vitae via our home page E-mail (filename format: lastname_firstname_BIO.doc). If applicable, please include programming examples and support materials which best illustrate your engineering design and software development capabilities (zipped software filename:

Given the volume of resumes that we receive, we are unfortunately able to contact only those under consideration for employment or contract ... Thank you for your interest.






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