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Industrial Invention and Technology

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What we do ...

• Industrial Invention & Technology • Scientific Engineering & Computing •
• Algorithm Development • Real-time Software & Hardware •

• Physics Dynamics Simulation • Mathematical Modeling of Complex Phenomena & Systems •
• 3D Graphics, Scientific & Medical Visualization • Signal Processing of Video, Audio & Sensors •
• Machine Learning & Reasoning Software • Genetic Programming •
• Data Mining/Interrogation for Context, Concept & Knowledge Extraction •
• Neural Networks (Convolutional & Recurrent with Long Short-Term Memory, et al) •
• Artificial Intelligence • Characterizing Control Systems & Robotics •
• Electronics Design & RF Engineering • X-Ray Technology • Material Discrimination •

What our clients have said ...

"unusual breadth"

"engineering and scientific expertise that is extraordinary and diverse"

"unusual and inventive creativity which produces reliable, higher quality products faster"

"their creativity and competency certainly places them amongst the best developers I have had experience working with in nearly fifteen years of industry"

"recommended without reservation, particularly for projects requiring extreme quality under strict time constraints"

"software that has exceeded our expectations from both quality and creativity perspectives"

"worked flawlessly on our first testing"

"our engineering personnel have commented that the software delivered is technically perfect"

Industrial Mindworks, Inc. is an out-source product development firm for real-time simulation and computer graphics, human interface and immersion technologies, hardware and software engineering, and specialized technologies for industry. Industrial Mindworks provides engineering, product development resources, and computer-based and simulation-based training content for US government agencies (indirectly), education, commerce and industry. Industrial Mindworks has served as the out-source research and development think-tank and skunk works for companies and institutions around the globe, frequently assuming distressed projects to bring them to stability.

We have been involved in most all aspects of simulation, training and education, and have diverse and pertinent backgrounds in military and commercial aviation, meteorology, physics, mathematics, education and curriculum development, human perception, electronics, signal processing, and control systems. Industrial Mindworks' unique approaches to problem solving, backed by advanced mathematics and engineering expertise, have facilitated the development of near-workstation performance PC's for real-time photorealistic graphics, process control, and simulation. We believe that innovation and flexibility in the strategic design stages yield the most optimal tactical development plan. Not relying on the assumptions of preset models, we integrate technological ideas from both past and present and from a wide range of engineering disciplines, using pre-existing tools where needed and inventing them where needed, to provide well-crafted, never-before-seen solutions. In addition to our invention capacities, we mix proven technologies in ways heretofore unconsidered — sometimes the best approach is to move back down the trunk and out an unexplored branch. Our method creates the optimal path to the highest quality product with the least risk and cost.

Tesla-Coil Schematic

Industrial Mindworks has developed control systems, digital signal processing systems, display systems, fundamental software components, and software applications both directly and indirectly for such distinguished groups as Intel Corporation and Happ Controls.

Below is a representative cross-section of our capabilities and/or products, and illustrates the types of projects we seek. We create and institute both partial and turnkey systems, establish facilities maintainable by an institution's staff, and afford clients the ability to create their own simulation scenarios and curricula. We use only modular code practices which permit ease and increased options in feature extensibility. Industrial Mindworks systems are based on cost-effective PC hardware utilizing high-quality 3-D graphics, motion systems and human interface technology. Our stable internally-developed operating system allows predictable, reliable, controlled execution of simulation applications involving motion platforms and robotics. Industrial Mindworks adds and subtracts employees and contractors based on the contracts at hand.


Training systems are typically comprised of networked motion-based simulators and an instructor console with trainee performance analysis tools. Systems can include:

  • private, commercial and military ground-based, water-based and specialty vehicle training
  • private, commercial and military rotary and fixed wing aircraft training, incorporating air traffic control, crew resource management and flight rules
  • mission trainers
  • ballistics and trajectory simulations
  • engineering simulators for mechanical and engine component design
  • firearms trainers, ranges and demonstrators
  • fire fighter trainers
  • accident prevention trainers
  • heavy equipment simulation training systems


  • surgical simulation training tools
  • human growth and surgical projection tools utilizing adaptive characterization methods from empirical data
  • cephalometric analysis tools for orthodontics and oral surgery
  • diet and exercise analysis tools for weight loss, health projection and body structure projection


Simulator systems can include a networked motion-based simulator cluster and an instructor console with tools to review student performance in a variety of challenging and entertaining real-world scenarios. Systems are customized for use in elementary and high schools, science magnet schools, science centers and museums. Systems can include:

  • driver education
  • flight simulation with air traffic control
  • ground and water vehicles
  • weather simulation
  • virtual museums
  • virtual viewing of remote places


  • special high-profile events
  • new technology display
  • trade shows
  • interactive stereoscopic viewing systems
  • virtual reality game systems
  • location-based entertainment systems


  • Application Programmer's Interfaces (API)
  • Software Development Kits (SDK)
  • Operating Systems (O/S)
  • hardware drivers
  • code libraries
  • languages
  • See the Intel Corporation LogoPress Release


  • visual and holographic display systems and products
  • advanced automotive and aircraft braking systems
  • safety systems
  • fuelcells, power systems and components


  • secure document
  • imaging and analysis of hard disks for forensic preparation

Linear Shift-Invariant System Equation

Following are some of our core capabilities:

  • software product design and engineering
  • 3-D computer graphics hardware and software
  • multi-axis motion platform hardware and control system software development
  • low-cost high-performance PC-based technologies
  • network distribution with priority event handling, eliminating interruptions and system slow-downs during high usage
  • accurate use of physics in real-time dynamics simulation to create realistic, physically correct simulation scenarios
  • specialty human-input mechanisms
  • invention of advanced Fresnel and projected-display technologies
  • video-source/computer-source image mixing
  • extensive experience in materials fabrication
  • definitive textbooks and trade-books in the 3-D graphics field
  • training subject-matter expertise
  • customized training and educational scenarios and curricula

What you will not see in our image generators and simulators:

  • terrain and objects appearing from nowhere and then disappearing
  • unrealistic trees and object detail
  • scintillation, crawling, jerking, blinking, jaggies, temporal or spatial aliasing
Hilsch Vortex Tube -- Air Conditioning

What you will see in our image generators and simulators:

  • real nautical measures and physics
  • correct geometry
  • real atmospheric effects including special effects like lightning
  • realistic air density changes, clouds, fog and haze
  • correct shadow-casting from clouds and objects
  • assortment of special lighting effects
  • non-scintillating runway light points
  • terrain realism through use of US Geographical Survey satellite maps
  • accurate detail levels for terrain and objects with regard to proximity
  • correct ground motion and appearance relative to elevation
  • high, periodic frame-rates (~60 Hz) which produce smooth motion and realistic feel
  • multiple image channels

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